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Gastronomy in Andalusia

Spanish cuisine is colorful and refined, but also surprisingly simple. It is very similar, yet different. It uses many of the same ingredients, but is otherwise processed. Other ingredients such as other combinations. On the coast dominate fish and salads, inland meat dishes and stews, and therefore caloric dense foods, as required by other climatic conditions. But this characteristic is greatly simplified. It is not about one kitchen, because there exist side by side dishes of Catalan, Basque, Galician, Castilian, Andalusian and others. Everywhere is the traditional frequent use of garlic and olive oil, a place which in some areas is used in food preparation rather fat. Nowhere including fruits and vegetables, are popular potatoes and tomatoes. All have their own "pot" so everything is cooked in one pot, which they say somewhere Pucher, in others olla acquiesces, caldereta, frit, cocido, caldo, marmitako ... Different materials are, however, a variety is the spice that his seasoning They use. In general, Spain is divided into six basic areas. For northern Spain through the Pyrenees are characteristic sauces for Aragon is a typical stew, fish for Catalonia, Valencia and Murcia region is an area of rice in southern Spain with fries and everything in central Spain is the basis for baking or roasting.


Andalusian cuisine is the result of diverse cultural influences. Traditionally included in fried foods that you will always and everywhere. Here are born great wines. Abroad famous Andalusian sherry from a production area, which lies in the triangle between the towns of Sanlúcar de Barameda, Puerto de Santa María and Jerez de la Frontera. These are wines to the conversation, to which usually serves tapas, small snacks of various kinds, in which the Andalusians unbeatable. Unique among them is the cured ham (jamón serrano), which is served in thin slices. Unrivaled not only in Andalusia, but from the whole of Spain is jamón serrano de Jabugo of the province of Huelva. Pescaito frito, or a mixture of fried fish, is served mainly on the Costa del Sol and around Cádiz. Andalusian specialties summer that has penetrated the whole of Spain, is gazpacho, a cold soup, which is based on tomatoes, peppers, garlic, oil and bread, which has a multitude of options. If the coast is dominated by fish and seafood in a variety of preparations, inland reigns pork, mutton and venison. Bread as a supplement, vegetable salads, which never with olives and fruits are commonplace. Large selection of sweets is again a remnant of Arab culture.

Our tips on the Costa de Sol

In this section you will find our recommendations on places where it pays to go for good food and drink, where the Costa de Sol is really a lot, we will periodically update the place, which we personally like, and we would be very happy if you also you after your stay send tips to resturace and bars that are discovered.

Valle Romano Resort

Valle Romano Club Restaurant, a restaurant, perform a right over the clubhouse, excellent Spanish daily menu offered Monday to Friday is 14 euros (starter, main course, dessert, drink), with our discount a card you also get an additional 10% discount.

Harbour Estepona

Restaurante Escollera: Excellent Seafood Restaurant, where you can taste always fresh delicacies prepared traditional Spanish way.

Address: Puerto Pesquero, 29680 Estepona,
Phone: +34 952 80 63
Opening hours: 3:00-16:30