Beach and swimming

Choice of beaches in the area is very wide. If you want to quickly get to the beach, the best choice is right on the beach suburb of Estepona about 10 minutes drive from the apartment. The advantage is that you can seamlessly park right next to the beach.

You can visit other beaches in the area, which is countless. Here we are only the most famous of nearby Estepona.


The 2 km long beach on the west Torre de la Sal and rozhléhá until Bahia Dorada is about 40 m wide.

PLAYA Bahia Dorada

The beach is similar to others in this field. It is bounded by two headlands, is about 700 meters long and 40 meters wide. The seafront promenade has been built recently to protect against erosion during winter storms. On the beach there is no access by car. On the east Bahia Dorada is a circular tower.


This beach is to the east of Bahia Dorada, where the Arroyo Vaquero river flows into the sea. Access to the car is via a small detour along the coastal road to the east just over the bridge Arroyo Vaquero. The beach is about 1 km long and 50 meters wide, is quiet with plenty of parking spaces.

Playa Costa Natura

The beach is a continuation of Playa Arroyo Vaqueros, but the front part of Costa Natura is officially classified as "naturist beach". Costa Natura is the first purpose-built naturist complex in Spain, located to the east of the city to 151 km. The complex is only for members, but temporary membership is available for naturists uninhibited, or inquisitive. Stretch of beach is of course open to the public. You can rent chairs and a small kiosk selling soft drinks. Parking is available on the frontage road to the south from the exit on the 151 km coastal road.

PLAYA El Cristo

Located near the town of Estepona, west of Marina, El Cristo beach is located in a beautiful sheltered bay, ideal for children, with two chiringuitos. Its ideal location means longer hours of sunshine. This beach has become increasingly popular in recent years. The beach has a good atmosphere with music from two beach bars. The bay water is warmer than the surrounding space and very safe gradual entry for children. The beach has a lifeguard and showers. There are two good beach bars, trendy Havana Beach and Moore traditional Chiringuito Lolailo. Check vehicle is narrow, steep road from the roundabout to the west of Estepona. Summer parking in the back of the beach is chaotic, so it's best to park a little further in an open area where there is always plenty of parking. There is a high standard of cleanliness and facilities have been recognized by the award of a European Blue Flag.


Right in the center of Estepona's most popular beach, La Rada. It is a long, modern promenade in length (2.6 km). Chiringuitos (beach bars) are located along the coast, offering local specialties such as paella and fresh sardines as food in the International Style. Marina and the lighthouse is located at the western end of the beach La Rada. There are two large underground parking; additional parking can be found in the city. Disabled access is better here than on nearby beaches.

Playa el Padron

The popular beach is just a short distance to the east of Rio Padron, near the Kempinski Resort Hotel. The beach is a large car park and two beach bars, which is especially popular in summer. There's a great selection of restaurants, which includes Terra Sana, Camur grill, Carmen (traditional Spanish) with a small roof terrace, La Pappardelle (Italian), as well as a tapas bar and Spanish Que Arte Star Cafe - the restaurant is open 10.00 - 24, 00th There is also a restaurant Puro Beach and Beach Club with a large swimming pool, sun loungers and a DJ. Located at exit 159. Her high standards of cleanliness and facilities were recognized European Blue Flag.

PLAYA Arroyo de los Canos

The two-kilometer stretch of the narrow quiet beach is hidden behind a row of older properties. Try Chiringuito Punta del Castor just a short distance east of Rio Castor 160.5 kilometers. The trail leads down to the beach around allotments. Tarifa beach in style chiringuito (chill-out areas, salads and cocktails, DJs, shops) Sonora Beach is located near Hacienda Beach at 162 km. You can park at Urb Los Granados Play.


Quieter, narrow, rocky beaches. Playa Bella is right next to the upmarket restaurant TikiTanoa. East of Rio Guadalmansa is a popular chiringuito.

Playa el Saladillo

Unremarkable town, narrow beach in this part of Estepona, near Costalita. The beach is about 3 km long.

PLAYA Casola

Urban, narrow beach in this part of Estepona is 2 km long, this beach is divided into many sections. Atalaya Park Hotel is located west of the beach. To the east of the cape is Rio Guadalmina, which is the boundary between Estepona to Marbella.